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FLOW Waterjet

The Integrated Flying Bridge (IFB) incorporates a design that combines the motion control, pump and high-pressure components of a waterjet cutting tool into one compact machine.  Our waterjet machine is capable of cutting any metal, stone, tile, and glass material with unmatched accuracy and intricacy. Our waterjet is a 3-Axis Integrated Flying Bridge 6012 Flow Waterjet that has the ability to do remarkably complex parts with multiple types of materials. Waterjet PictureOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlow-Slight-Angle The pictures below provide several examples of the part complexities and materials possible with our machine. There are also several pictures that show what the machine looks like as it is processing parts. 3D_rund.lo Cutmtrls.lo Dichtungen.lo DWJblue.lo DWJstack.lo HJetAmber.lo OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Metallteile.lo Nesting.lo Paser3.lo PaserKey.lo PaserMrb.lo Rader.lo Setupfx.lo Stackmat.lo Stapel.lo Here are two videos that show our waterjet in action: