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Airtech Supply, Inc.
3058 Highway 290 (click for map)
Hot Springs, AR 71913
(501) 525-7707 - OFFICE
(501) 262-2400 - FAX

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Airtech Supply, Inc. has multiple certifications and approvals that allow us to provide proven expertise and performance that meet your requirements for your peace of mind.  Here are some of our certifications and process specification approvals. Customer Approvals for Heat Treat
  1. BAC 5602
  2. BAPS 168-007
  3. PS 15500
  4. AMS 2770
  5. Mil-H-6088
  6. AMS-H-6088
  7. FES 103
  8. GAMPS5108
  9. SS 8013
Click to see the the Boeing-approved processes for Airtech Supply on the Boeing website. You can also view our Standard Purchase Order Codes and Standard Quality Clauses in our QF 07-25 Quality Document. Click to view All Customer Approvals (QL 07-07 Quality List).